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Our extensive international experience as a marketing and management executive trainer and speaker co-ordinating diverse sales teams throughout Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom.

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All the great sport’s stars in the world have a range of coaches guiding them to guide
their training and further develop their specialist skills. Yet in business soon after
completing our formal education, many executives and businesses leave their key
staff “to get on with it”.

In today’s complex, competitive and ever changing market place, now more than ever
tourism businesses and individuals need a professional and unbiased coach in their

From this basic premise, Tourism Coaching was born to provide support to a range of
tourism executives and tourism enterprises to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

With so much riding on our decisions and plans, imagine the confidence that comes from having someone in your corner to support you identify and implement actions.

Tourism Coaching is a flexible based professional service but is generally designed as a weekly connection between the client and Global Tourism Solutions (GTS) by phone, SKYPE call or email.

During these ongoing calls the coach will guide the clients to consider their life in a holistic manner and then address issues arising and their business or career.

In reviewing the client’s career and business, the coach will assist the client identify issues impacting the career or business and establish goals, set objectives, prioritize and most importantly follow-up and implement action steps to address these issues positively.

Tourism coaching is provided on an ongoing weekly call basis for 30 minutes per sessions or for a specific basis with a minimum period of 3 months. The initial introductory fee for the service is $550 per month.

For more information, call or email Don Jolly & associates to discuss how we can assist you and your business.

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