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Motivational and inspirational training, coaching and consulting for domestic and international enterprises

Global Travel and Tourism Solutions

Our extensive international experience as a marketing and management executive trainer and speaker co-ordinating diverse sales teams throughout Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom.

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    • Effective Leadership
    • Managing Change Effectively
    • Strategic planning in the organisation
    • Encouraging total quality in the organisation
    • Effective Meeting Management
    • Effective Time management
    • Effective Presentation skills
    • Effective Coaching Skills
    • Mentoring People in the Workforce
    • Effective Goal Setting
    • Effective Networking & Relationship Building
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Diversity and Cultural Awareness
    • Team Building in the Organisation

    • Effective Communication Skills
    • Effective Listening Skills
    • Influencing Others
    • Talk around the clock – how we influence others
    • Effective Team Communication

    • Finding the Customers
    • Service Excellence on the Telephone
    • Improving Customer Service in the Organisation

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