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Our extensive international experience as a marketing and management executive trainer and speaker co-ordinating diverse sales teams throughout Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom.

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Executive Sales Presentations

Most corporate sales training programs focus on motivating the sales team with limited short-term results. Executive Sales Presentations (ESP) is a tailored professional communication program designed to keep you ahead of the competition. By developing the skills of your senior management and/or sales managers, enthusiasm, confidence & professionalism will rise alongside company profits.

ESP takes a holistic approach in reviewing the product or service before working with the sales executive to develop a more dynamic sales presentation.

This exciting 2-day program enables the sales executive to:

► Understand the key features of their product or service from the buyers perspective.

► Develop the most appropriate close and practise with the two coaches, the camera and the executive trainer!

► Develop a more dynamic and confident presentation style.

Don’s enthusiastic and real world approach together with the insightful training program is designed to produce results.

Executive Management Retreats

If your business strategy meetings are failing to produce anything more than 5-10% more than what you produced last year, there is a fair chance that your group need the management retreat.

Using a professional facilitator to moderate your next meeting can pay dividends in getting your team to focus on the real challenges or opportunities with the business. Stay on track; focus on results and actions with a detailed follow-up to ensure the action steps are implemented effectively.

Don’s extensive management and communication training experience provides the ideal facilitator to stimulate the group to achieve results.

International Communication Strategies

The globalisation trend is forcing many businesses to look overseas for greater business opportunities. One of the greatest obstacles to international expansion is the need for clear direction. “Where do we go first?” “How do we get started?” “Who do we need to see?”.

‘Going Global’ is an in-depth program designed to guide businesses in global business strategies. A key element of the program develops executive staff to effectively manage international operations, sales and negotiations.

Together with this hands-on experience and extensive academic studies in sales, marketing and communications, Don has developed a unique course designed to aid enterprises to make a professional “mark” on their potential clients. Jolly believes the greatest hurdle for many enterprises going global is not the product/services, price or quality but the ability to communicate with the potential audience.

Don urges the participants to better understand the culture of our audiences and adapt our approaches and presentations accordingly. Quite simply, Don Jolly has adapted the Scouts motto to “being professionally prepared” for the meeting with the overseas markets, as there are no second chances at a first impression.

To guide businesses and their staff in communicating with their overseas suppliers, governments or clients, Going Global is offered either as a one or two day seminar. The course(s) provide a series of unique interactive activities and short lectures to fast-track participants in professional preparation for international sales calls, trade shows or conferences, presenting to an international audience or receiving overseas customers.

Going Global can be provided as a group seminar, a special in-house workshop and can be tailored to specific international markets or regions.

"Don's enthusiastic and inspiring presentation’s focus on the vital importance of international marketing, communication and sales".

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