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Business Re-Boot

In May 2022 I will be returning to lecturing at Bond University Business School in Strategy and International Business.

In these busy yet challenging and uncertain times, I will be providing a regular weekly update to provide clients and industry colleagues with some updates and insights.

The focus will be on providing some quick (5-10 minutes) but highly relevant takeaways that can be applied to your businesses or careers.

The focus will be on tourism and education but will also apply to a broad business outlook.

The will cover a variety of topics including: –

  1. Industry Analysis – tips on reviewing your industry and the opportunities and challenges
  2. Internal Analysis – suggestions to review your business with key staff and engage the broader team
  3. Customer analysis – discovering more talking to your customers and
  4. Product review – assess your products and services
  5. Distributor analysis – discuss opportunities with your existing channels
  6. Social media analysis – get on top of your channels
  7. Competitor analysis – learn more from your direct and indirect competitors
  8. Check out all the best opportunities for Govt support
  9. Marketing opportunities to get your message to stand out

Watch the first video below.


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