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Tough times are here again and it’s difficult to see an end or a solution other than a vaccine in 12-18 months.

I’ve been through a few market corrections, e.g., airline pilots dispute (lasted 9 months), 911 (I genuinely thought we would have another world war), collapse of Ansett, GFC, SARS and other viruses plus our share of fires, floods and cyclones. 

All were very tough and at the time it seemed like “the end was near”. 

But Covid-19 would be by far the most significant with over 1million Australians losing their livelihoods in the last fortnight alone. 

And many of those were our staff, colleagues, friends and family in the tourism and hospitality sector. 

For others that still have roles, many are anxious about their own future. 

There’s already been some significant government support at various levels which will provide some support. 

However, I have just finished a brief training video with recommendations for our industry that have recently lost their jobs, on reduced days and hours or are uncertain about their future, which should be just about everyone. 

There are no magic tips but what I believe are some sound suggestions to continue to work on yourself for potential new roles or when jobs may appear in the future. 

Some of these tips to consider include: – 

– Immediately review your financial position and what actions you may need to be take – ask for some professional advice at a credible credit union or financial adviser 

– Check if you qualify for any government support 

– Seek out a relevant mentor, coach or meet up groups 

– Maintain your link with key industry newsletters & updates with ATEC, Tourism Australia, state tourism organisations and regional tourism organisations and other industry organisations – read them 

– Maintain connections within the industry – attend free virtual workshops & webinars 

– Re-develop your resumes and cover letters 

– Re-develop your social media sites (ensure a future employer would be impressed) 

– Call your key industry network and let them know of your changed or changing circumstances and to keep you in mind if there are any opportunities 

– Review a wide range of job opportunities in all sectors 

– Develop your skills such as the following: – 

Communication skills (e.g., Toastmasters)

Consider learning a language or cross cultural skills (there’s many free portals for language training) 

Updating your digital and social media skills – there are a range of online courses 

To work on yourself, set aside some time during your day for working on these tips and your skills and career. 

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