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New service targets tourism performance

Global Tourism Solutions Planning

Tourism businesses struggling under the weight of ongoing pressures are finding new hope through an advanced coaching service offered by industry stalwart Global Tourism Solutions (GTS).

Launching the new Executive Coaching service GTS General Manager Don Jolly said the tourism industry was by nature resilient, but the slow economic recovery had made it hard for many operators working in sluggish Australian and international markets.

“In the past two years we have seen a big increase in the number of businesses that are hurting – many of them considered the heavy weights of the tourism sector,” Mr Jolly said.

“This has been largely due to worldwide economic forces but that’s only one side of the equation.

“There are other trends that have been emerging over time such as hyper competition, a reduction in international flights, high exchange rates and the strong growth in outbound travel.

“These issues, coupled with the global downturn and just the everyday pressures of business and life, can have a huge impact on the ability for businesses to perform to their optimum.

“Experience told us it was time operators had someone or something in their corner, a support mechanism they could trust to help them gain new perspectives, fresh opportunities and make things happen within the context of their particular business circumstances.

“Across all markets it is critical to develop clear strategies and plans, implement those plans quickly and remain enthusiastic and committed.”

Mr Jolly said the Executive Coaching was designed to achieve three goals: guide clients in their strategic approach; connect with them on a weekly basis to take action on key issues; and ask more of clients than they might ask of themselves.

“Our coaching course is ongoing and can be tailored to a specific project, challenge or opportunity. The sessions can be demanding but we make no apologies for that,” he said.

“We deliver the coaching in very flexible ways so as to meet the true needs of the client, when and how they want to get support.

“Everything is planned and designed to be practical. To help operators see where they can make changes and help them, step by step, through the process.

“The benefit of our service is having an experienced ear to call on and confide in and people they can rely on for good advice.”

Executive Coaching is suitable for tourism professionals including CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and sales and marketing people seeking to take their organisation to the next level.

Global Tourism Solutions also provides a range of specialist public and in-house workshops in sales, marketing and communications.

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